Diagrams to A Clear Mind

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Diagrams to a Clear Mind

The mission is to help people understand various problems that are holding them back from a happy successful life by educating them through diagrams and dialogue as to what the actual problem is “most people’s problem is that they don’t know what the problem is so they waste time fighting symptoms instead of solving the problem.”

The mission is to reach out to young people in this high tech, high pressure world with programs and videos to help them see clearly where they are and how to get to a happy successful life.

The mission is to inspire and motivate all people to a new, powerful successful life which is in harmony with the design and order of the Creators universe.

The mission is to be non denominational, non doctrinal so that it can be used as the bases of counseling by clergy, counselors and social and mental health advocates.

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Elton is sponsored by 99.7 FM KPJM-LP Payson, Arizona which is a 501-C3 Non-Profit Charity. Who’s mission is to provide anti-addiction and anti-abuse education to help keep our community’s children from entering into

Destructive behaviors, and to also help those who are caught in those traps and are trying to get out.

“Making their voice Available to others who are seeking to help those in need”.

This is a Non-Profit Charity, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Donation and sponsorships are what allows us to help those in need.

To help with this mission go to www.KPJM-FM.com and click on the Donate Button.

To Become a Sponsor you can call Shannon Devra Ropp at 928-978 8527

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